Monday, June 11, 2007

Thought I was finished. Thought Wrong.

More TA socks! So, I finished 3 pairs of socks for my 2 TAs and the teacher I share rooms with, but of course I have an unofficial TA who feels left out. Therefore I will be doing mad sock knitting for a couple days to make a pair for her too. I wouldn't do it except she has been a seriously good help to me lately, and she would actually appreciate. I stopped and picked up some Lorna's Lace worsted in Walnut Creek (not my 1st choice of shops but the others are closed Mondays, and this was an urgent yarn need). TA said she would be cool with thick socks, so its 44 stitches on size 6 needles (If I can find a 4th needle) and away I go!

On a side note... Urs and kids will be coming out to see Oliver tomorrow!

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