Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Cuties for the footies...

I'm going to a baby shower this weekend. And while I finished the Mitered baby blanket a couple months ago I felt like knitting some little things for her too... So I made a little hat and I found an adorable pattern for little baby booties. I'll put a picture of mine up soon (I'm still finishing) but check out the pattern here (links to a .pdf file!). They are SOOO cute! And they only take a little over an hour for me to knit one (I know this because I made one during a meeting yesterday!) I finished the scarf and I'll have the pattern up as soon as I can get some pictures taken. We really need a new camera...

Sunday, October 14, 2007

I'm knitting a scarf the I don't hate

Scarves are not my thing. I have knitted only a few and I usually hate every minute of it and it takes me f....o...r....e...v...e...r to finish them. My last one was almost a year to finish and it was yarn I loved in a not too annoying pattern, but apparently it was not interesting enough on both accounts to keep me knitting on it. But... I may have found the secret to getting over my scarf block!
1. Noro.
2. A 'not garter' yet all Knit stitch pattern!

I have a funky old knitting dictionary (1963) with some interesting yet sometimes undecipherable stitches in it. I had resisted trying the "K1B" patterns for no other reason than I wasn't really sure how one properly does a "K1B" and their lame ass description just said you "Knit one through loop below next stitch" WTF?!? Well I finally tackle it, it IS really a "Knit one into the stitch below the next stitch".

So it was a small step from there to the 'Contrary Brioche Stitch" and this....

2 balls, same color Noro silk garden lite (my first noro...) worked alternating balls every 4 rows.
Nuf said. I WILL be making this scarf again. Full pattern to come soon.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Stealth Knitting

I'm in stealth knitting mode. I'm trying not to do too much knitting while I have the extra class to teach. Too much to do... but I'm getting little knitting highs secretly late at night. I've started Kier's socks out of the Socks-that-Rock Black Onyx that I bought at Purlescence on the Peninsula. I'm actually using Size 0 needles! Crazy. I also have inherited another project, a scarf started by a new knitter for her daughter but never destined to be finished (knitting is not her thing...) This is the second time I've finished a garter stitch scarf for someone. Oh well, I don't really mind since I'd never start one on my own so finishing someone else's never seems as bad as doing a whole one on my own.
We'll have company this week so we've been cleaning house, including a yarn containment plan and a big bag of odd ball ends to donate at article pract. I've hidden the large project extra balls and the loose fibers in the bedroom but I've actually fit everything else (that I've found so far) into my knitting basket in the living room. So far so good, but I have to tackle the bedroom tomorrow, there should be some rule against having to clean on your birthday. Oh, and I still have to clean my car too.... bleah.