Wednesday, June 20, 2007


I loved my blankie as a child. That fact alone makes me love making blankies for other children. That and the more I get done on this huge mitered square just makes me want to giggle (and I do when noone is looking).
Here is one corner, as best as I could spread it out.

And another corner....

The stripes alternate on each corner from knit to purl so that it will be reversible.

More when I get a little more done, and when I can bother to pull out the black velvet so that the carpet isn't so distracting.

Side note: Crazy horse decided to scrape himself up 4 days before he has to be inspected for his breed registration. He is now covered in healing creams and I have laid down massive amounts of shavings for him to roll in. If anyone needs me on Saturday, I will be bathing, grooming, primping, and shining the heck out of him.

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