Thursday, June 14, 2007

I'm done I'm done I'm done I'm done

Did I mention, I'm done?

Long day... a stupid child thought it a good idea to hand his cell/game/camera thing to a girl, who then stole his memory card, which made him jump on her, which made her squeal, which made him grab her backpack and run across the room, which made her run after him and jump on him, which made them play tug of war with the backpack.... which made me call security. All in the last 10 minutes of the school year. These are not 3rd graders. These are not even 6th graders... these are soon to be sophomores. As security arrived I let the 2 students know that I will not allow them to be in one of my classes again. I have a strict 'no double jeopardy' policy when it comes to repeat students. If you've failed my class once you get to try another teacher.

But... I finished my TA socks, I'm all packed up... I don't have to go back until August 28! Yipeee!

So I'm knitting some lovely socks out of Pagewood farm sock yarn (obviously popular, their website has out grown its visitor quota!). The yarn is a lovely pinkish rainbow, hand-dyed superwash wool, bamboo, nylon blend. Very soft and seems like it will wear well. I'm not sure who this pair is going to but I'm loving how easy it is to knit.... It may have something to do with my blood pressure doing a dramatic drop as soon as that last bell rang!


laura said...

do you knit socks for yourself or just others?

Trina said...

I knit for anyone who will wear and appreciate them. I only knit/need a couple pairs a year for myself. I mostly knit thick 'housesocks' so they're not an everyday sort of wardrobe choice.

Elizabeth said...

yay! congrats on being done!!