Friday, June 8, 2007

Meeting the YarnHarlot

Wow. What a great time! I went up to Petaluma Thursday night to the talk and book signing with Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (Otherwise known as the yarnharlot) I got there 2 hours early, but had to sit on the floor because the seating was reserved for those who had bought the book from that bookstore. But as my new friend Laura picked up on rather quickly... I'm not bitter! Actually I had a great view of Stephanie for the entire speech, unlike many people stuck 20 rows back.

This is here taking a picture of all of us with the sock.
If you don't know. Don't ask.

The talk was hilarious, and I accomplished a lot on my socks for my TA Katie. I got even more done during the wait to have my books signed.

I also met Laura, she was collecting the hats for donation to homeless families in San Francisco. I waited and chatted with her and her coworker until nearly 10pm when we were the last to meet Stephanie and get our books signed.

It was SO cool to meet Stephanie, and have her see my knitting. and to touch the sock which thousands of other knitters have touched. Crazy good Karma anyway you look at it.


Elizabeth said...

how exciting! it looks like you had a lot of fun. wish i had time to do that stuff still... maybe in 2009.

laura said...

It's your new friend Laura shouting out a hello! Told my friend about you and the knitting party is definitely on, once I figure out a date...