Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Summer Workin' and Knittin'

I was going to make an attempt at not starting to temp (my summer job of choice) for a week to recover from school. Unfortunately, I need to remember that if I call the temp agency, then they will find me a job. So, I started temping on Monday, I'm only doing 3 days this week. I'm hoping to keep it to 4 days a week and I'm going to stop at the end of July.

I've also started some summer knitting...

I'm making a baby blanket. I'm determined to knit a whole blanket. Not half a blanked, not many squares that may someday be sewn into a blanket (don't worry Liz, I haven't lost hope, we just need another friend to have a baby!) but a whole blanket, in one piece!

I'm doing a mitered corners square. I'm working my way in from a cast-on of 400 edge stitches by decreasing 2 stitches in 4 corners every 2nd row. I couldn't find a pattern so I'm using the basic Idea from a smaller mitered square (thanks again Liz :) ) and doing some striping too. I'm using Blue Sky cotton and Inca cotton in beige, ivory, blue, and cantaloupe. The lady at Article Pract said they go together. Which is a good thing, because I still have color issues. I'll post a picture tonight... Off to my OTHER job now...

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laura said...

sounds exactly like the mitered squares i used for this blanket. http://knitpicks.com/Retro+Throw_PD50393220.html

Can't wait to see photos, sounds really cool!