Sunday, June 24, 2007

Silver looks good

Oliver was in his first 'show' like event today. It was fairly easy since it was at our barn. He was inspected for registration with the American Warmblood Society (essentially a registry for mixed types like Oliver) and... He Rocked! He took second place and the silver medal for the entire event (15 horses total) and scored a 71% (the winner scored a 75, they were the only 2 above a 70 which is a very good score!) . I am very proud of him and I can't wait to get him out to more events.

Here are some pictures. They had a professional photographer but I think mine turned out better so I didn't buy any of her photos.

This is Oliver in the morning before the show. Sporting his slinky and blanket to keep his mane and coat all clean. I was very proud of him for not ripping everything off during the night.

Here he is in the show. I took some pictures of him moving too but they are on the 'film' camera and need to be developed. Thats my trainer's daughter handling him, she did a good job.

And this is us after the show; I'm happy about the ribbon and medal, and he's happy its done!


laura said...


Oliver is beautiful. :-)

Elizabeth said...

i love oliver's expression in the last pic!