Wednesday, June 13, 2007

One More Day

I'll be out of school after tomorrow. I have to finish half a sock before the end.

Here are some of my summer projects:
  • 3 pairs of socks (for the VERY few teachers in my department who are coming back next year)
  • A shrug/small sweater. One that flatters/hides the cleavage, possible in alpaca. I've had little success finding one to purchase.
  • City of Lost Children Sweater for K. If I can get him in to the yarn store for yarn choosing.
  • Christmas Presents - A few pair of socks, finish a skirt I started last year
  • Baby stuff for Chrishan (A teacher at school, she's the only one who is preggers so I think I might go for a baby blanket. But I might cheat and crochet it. ) Oh, and add a pair of socks for her too, she's been drooling over my knitting for weeks now.
I know there's more, but until I'm out of school my brain will not process it.


laura said...

ok, a whole summer of knitting, i can't even beging to imagine the joy that brings... :-D

Trina said...

Any ideas on shrug/cardigan/wrap patterns? I've never knit one and I haven't seen a pattern I like yet.