Saturday, April 28, 2007

Strings Attached

As it happens I'll have most of a skein of Lorna's Laces Irving Park sportweight leftover after finishing the toes of my purple cable socks. And now I see a friend is in need of socks without toes. Since I have this skein with the toes missing, I might as well use the rest to make a pair of socks without the toes. It makes sense, right?

Now for the strings....

I will make 1 pair of toeless socks if....
  1. The color is okay
  2. They will be worn, used and appreciated
  3. I can use this pattern
  4. They will be entered in the county fair (doesn't everyone want award winning socks?)
  5. I can use said friend's new spinning wheel :)
And, most importantly...

6. I don't have to add toes to them later.


Elizabeth said...

i like purple -- you're awesome trina. no need to do it, or you can save them for some occasion... :)

Elizabeth said...

i read that post too fast -- but of course you can use the new spinning wheel, if you can help me and jerm figure out how to use it! sometime after mother's day is good for me.