Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Turning into Grandma

Did anyone else grow up with Fridge Towels? My Yaya would cut a towel in half and crochet a bit and then make a loop and button closure at the top, you hook it around your fridge handle and have a handy towel. I always used it to pull open the fridge (not the best idea, but fun) . Yaya still makes them for us and we usually get one or two at Christmas.

I've just begun my first attempt at making some of my own (with the ulterior motive of winning county fair prizes)....

and ITS FUN!

I'm putting a green top on a red/yellow/green plaid towel. It was easy to loop the yarn through the towel then I did a few rows of decreases to get a nice gather. Another few rows and I'll I-cord for the loop, find a button and then.... I'm done! So easy! Who knew? ....... Yaya did.

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