Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The French Sweater

I'm starting a sweater based on the sweater that One is wearing in City of Lost Children. It is a Blue with red stripes raglan style sweater and it is the first sweater K has shown any interest in having me knit for him.

I've only knit one other adult sized sweater. I knit Rogue for my mother last fall. It was a bit ambitious but I wanted something I wouldn't lose interest in, and it was a VERY well written pattern, definitely worth the $6.50 for the pattern.

Anyhow, I spent a hour last weekend slowly framing through the movie trying to find good shots of the ribbing, neckline, decreases, etc...

And there were TWO different sweater designs!

Admittedly its only noticeable to a knitter that one raglan decrease has four k1p1 ribs and the other sweater has a simple decrease for the raglan part. But now I have to choose! So as to not screw up the whole thing (and what will probably be $50 worth of nice wool yarn) I'm knitting a mini version which should end up being Ryder sized for next winter.

Here's the stats so far:
Yarn - 2 balls black Cascade 220 Superwash and 1 ball Gray for the stripes. (Its for a kid, it has to be washable..)
Pattern - Basically the pattern for a simple raglan from The Opinionated Knitter
Needles - Size 4 for cuffs/neck/hem, Size 6 for the rest, in 24" circulars and double points
Details - Cast on 120 stiches for the body, Knit 3 rounds for a curled up hem, K3P1 ribbing for ~7 rows, K1P1 ribbing for rest of body. There are two stripes the lower is 3 rows tall and I think the upper will be about 8 rows.

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Elizabeth said...

i can't wait to see how this project shapes up.