Sunday, June 28, 2009

Wedding Things

Things people should know about our wedding:
  1. I am NOT a cupcake. I will not have sprinkles on me. I need no frosting.
  2. We are not having a Wedding themed Wedding.
  3. I have already thought about what I want for photos, flowers, and foods. I appreciate your suggestions but I DO already know what I want.
  4. Our wedding = Our choices.
That is all.


Theresa said...

Are congratulations in order??? :D

Trina said...

Sure! But I'm a little cranky about wedding stuff right now... :)

Laura said...

Cupcakes are yummy though. ;-)


Theresa said...


Don't let them get to you. The psychologist I worked for one summer suggested the line "thank you for your opinion, I will take it under advisement" and leaving it at that. I never had the guts to use it, though. :)

Elizabeth said...

Did you get overwhelmed last night? I hope my advice was mostly constructive! ;)