Saturday, June 20, 2009

Summer Blogging?

Well, maybe...

Cooking and crafting today. But not really knitting.

I am going to make a HUGE batch of Mapa Dolmathes, or stuffed cabbage rolls. I'm stuffing them with ground lamb, rice, tomato sauce and herbs. Yum! And hopefully they'll last us long enough that I can clean the kitchen and not immediately ruin it again by cooking.

Making an attempt at stamping. Probably not getting as fancy as the 'real' crafty stamping types... but.. whatever. Got a nice custom stamp from Berkeley Stamp. Very nice people, quick turn around, and a very nice stamp.

I dunno... if i get bored with the stamping I may work on my sweater. I should. I want to wear it. urgh... SO Uninspired.

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