Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Old year DONE! New year begun!

I finished as much as I really needed to! All presents for Christmas day were done, Finished a pair of socks on the plane to Seattle, and finished 2 more pairs while there! Then I knitted a pair for myself!

SO I still have this scarf to finish, and a pair of thick leg warmers to knit, but really I feel I have been quite successful in my holiday knitting.

Seattle was fun, I printed out a list of yarn stores and went to 5 of them... my stash has regrown itself after my holiday stash reduction... but the yarn is SOOOOO nice!

I got some Fleece Artist!

Some Smooshy!

Some yarn for someone who may recognize her signature colors....

and well... this whole stack!


Laura said...

oooo, yarn... did you go to little knits??

Trina said...

I went to:
Acorn Street Shop
Full Circle
HillTop Yarn
So Much Yarn

in Seattle
Knitty Purl in Langley