Saturday, January 5, 2008

Knee sockin'

I'm using the Noro Sock I bought in Seattle to make a pair of knee socks. I actually started knitting a patterned rib sock but realized that I could make a MUCH longer sock with the amount of yarn in the ball...there is 462 yards here! Crazy! SO I rewound it into a couple balls.

Notice the repeats? Count the bits of purple... there are 3.

Essentially this means either I use a single repeat for each sock to make them 'match', ignore the repeats and have completely screwy socks. OR my choice of working the 2nd sock'backwards' staring from a green section heading towards a purple and maybe, just maybe having the same amounts of the colors on both socks. Being that they are knee socks and I want to wear them with a skirt I don't want them to be too horribly obviously mismatched. Which is an odd thing for me since my socks rarely match... So rarely that my mom bought me 3 pairs of the same coffee cup patterned socks for christmas in the hopes that with 6 socks I could manage to make 1 pair!

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