Thursday, January 17, 2008

Counting is....

Counting is something that, as a math teacher, I should really do well. I usually do it without thinking. My Mitered Baby Blanket is elegant in its constant and finite reduction of stitches. You start with 50 stitches between each marker and work your way down to zero. 50, 49, 48, 47, 46, 45, .... when you get to 36 stitches you are half way done. A lovely sigma function....

As long as you don't drop a stitch.

As long as you don't drop a stitch, right along the miter, and don't notice that your count is off until 30 rows later.

Lets look.

This is my version of surgery.

<----The dropped stitch is strung on that circular

The other needles are holding the other stitches next to where the miter should be.

I could have just sewn in the dropped stitch at the miter. No one would have noticed.

But I like my nice stitch counts.


Laura said...


where have you been??? seems like forever since we saw each other. :-( should get together...

Theresa said...

Oh, what a horrible place to drop a stitch!! I think I recognize the yarn, though - am I right? :D

And yeah, we should totally get together sometime. Are things still crazy busy at work?