Sunday, January 11, 2009

Monster Creation

I like knitting socks. I do it quite a lot. I asked my dad what he wanted me to knit him for Christmas. He finally said "socks.". I say finally because I have pretty much knit everyone else socks except him. Mom is up to 5 pairs already but he's never shown an interest in them. I've knit him hats and arm-warmers, but no socks. So... of course I said "yes" and knit him some lovely socks out of rather nice yarn. I didn't have them finished at Christmas but I gave them to him finished on January 4th...... fast forward less than 1 week.... January 9th... Dad wants ANOTHER pair!!!! Dad didn't want knitted socks in the last 3 years that I've been knitting socks and now he wants 2 pairs in as many weeks!

Now, I should probably just consider this as an affirmation of my incredible sock knitting skills... 1 pair and I can hook you for life! But this is a little much!

Now, I also shouldn't encourage this behavior, I should knit slowly, should make him buy the yarn.

Ummm... oops. He managed to ask me for grey/red socks. I just happened to be partway through knitting a pair in just those colors, in just his size.... oh well. Hopefully these will hold him over until his birthday!


I've been on a decidedly Thai kick for over a week now and there is no end in sight. The food is yummy, the cost is reasonable, and it doesn't seem to turn my kitchen into an unrecoverable mess.

Every night I've been doing a Green Papaya salad as a side dish. So good, so cheap. 1 medium Papaya will last us 4 days and costs $1. Shredded papaya plus Cucumber, Green beans or carrots tossed with a garlic, lime, fish sauce dressing.

A reasonable version of what I've been doing is here, but I don't use tomato.

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Laura said...

does he at least have a reasonable sized foot?