Sunday, January 4, 2009

Food Blogging...

This blog may take a bit of a food turn. I am knitting, but I haven't really felt like blogging about it. A quick trip into the knitting before the fooding....

I knit 9 pairs of socks from christmas presents. It was crazy. I finished all but 1 pair by christmas, I finished the last sock for my dad on Jan 2.

These are the socks for Mom, I made them with Fleece Artist Nova Sock, Procured in Seattle. She hasn't worn them yet.

I'm still working on K's Epic Sweater. I'm nearly to the sleeve separation but there are so many stitches now that it takes me 6+ minutes to get around. Its an hour+ of solid knitting to do the 10 row pattern of raglan increases. But in 20 more rows I should be ready to split off for the sleeves.

I really like how the raglan is turning out this time. Its a keeper. If it ends up like the last one (kinda square) I'm probably giving up. 20 more rows and I'm putting it on scrap yarn and making him try it on.

I got the True Thai cookbook for Christmas. I've been wanting it for a while and I'm going to try to cook as much from it as I can. We made Chicken Satay on New Year's eve that was yummy and has made me even more determined to cook more Thai food!

K and I both acquired colds in the last couple days. We're both taking copious amounts of Sudafed and moaning a lot. But in an effort to begin my Thai cooking craziness I made a Run to 99 Ranch Market yesterday.

The trip to 99 Ranch nearly did me in. I got lots of good stuff but was so obviously not 'all there'...
  • I tried to take some other guys cart, he chased me down.
  • Dropped my list in the produce section and had to go back
  • Couldn't find the coconut milk to save my life (went down every aisle twice before noticing it)
  • Had to go back to produce a 3rd time to get tofu, tossed the first bag of tofu on the floor crushing it
  • Went back to the produce section a 4th time (did I mention the produce section is really difficult to go back to? The flow just doesn't work that way) to get limes only to find they don't have limes, only key limes, I gave up on the limes.
  • I spent 20 minutes in the soy sauce section trying to find 'sweet dark soy sauce' to absolutely no luck, I ended up finding some 'sweet soy paste' in a jar, and made in Thailand, and not containing MSG so I went with that.
I took me over an hour to do that little bit of shopping. It was brutal and I had to sit down for an hour after I got back to recover before cooking anything. I made Ginger Chicken which was lovely and I paired it with Green Papaya Salad which did wonders for sinus clearing and I think one papaya may last us a week.

I think I'll do a beef curry tonight. I'll try to remember to take pictures.

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