Sunday, November 18, 2007

Holiday Time!


I LOVE the holidays. I really love to give presents, I love all the yummy food and cozy houses.

But... Leading up to the holidays are crazy knitting times!
I'm totally broke right now so I'm knitting from the stash and trying to knit as many presents as I can this year.
So... Here's the list:
Dad - Arm warmers, CO 40, k2p2, size 8 needles, going for ~2 feet long
Bro1 - Socks, Limbo Mexico, CO 48, size 4 needles, short row heel to save time
Bro1's wife - thick socks with superwash mission falls

Bro2 - Pot Holders? Socks? Scarf? Haven't decided yet.
Mom- Pot holders? Socks? Gloves? Dunno...
Yaya - Socks or potholders.
In laws - Socks? Hats? Possibly fingerless gloves... Oh, and that skirt...
Uncle - Potholders

K - What do you knit for a man who spends his evening like this? A hard drive cozy?

Btw: Anyone need a 14.4 Kb modem?
There is one in that pile ---------------------------------->

For some reason we've been doing 'winter cleaning' lately. I cleaned my room at my mom's house, and found a bunch of old computer bits, which has somehow led to K being on the living room floor surrounded by his old computer parts cleaning out his own boxes. And threatening me with slow modems, IDE cables, and non-ergonomic mice. eeeek!

Well, back to knitting. 35 days to go.


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Laura said...

That's impressive, I could never get my man to clean out his computer parts....