Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Stealth Knitting

I'm in stealth knitting mode. I'm trying not to do too much knitting while I have the extra class to teach. Too much to do... but I'm getting little knitting highs secretly late at night. I've started Kier's socks out of the Socks-that-Rock Black Onyx that I bought at Purlescence on the Peninsula. I'm actually using Size 0 needles! Crazy. I also have inherited another project, a scarf started by a new knitter for her daughter but never destined to be finished (knitting is not her thing...) This is the second time I've finished a garter stitch scarf for someone. Oh well, I don't really mind since I'd never start one on my own so finishing someone else's never seems as bad as doing a whole one on my own.
We'll have company this week so we've been cleaning house, including a yarn containment plan and a big bag of odd ball ends to donate at article pract. I've hidden the large project extra balls and the loose fibers in the bedroom but I've actually fit everything else (that I've found so far) into my knitting basket in the living room. So far so good, but I have to tackle the bedroom tomorrow, there should be some rule against having to clean on your birthday. Oh, and I still have to clean my car too.... bleah.


Theresa said...

Happy birthday!! (Tuesday or Wednesday or Monday or...? :) )

Trina said...

Today! Wednesday! :) Thank you!

Laura said...

happy birthday! we must celebrate, knitter style!