Sunday, October 14, 2007

I'm knitting a scarf the I don't hate

Scarves are not my thing. I have knitted only a few and I usually hate every minute of it and it takes me f....o...r....e...v...e...r to finish them. My last one was almost a year to finish and it was yarn I loved in a not too annoying pattern, but apparently it was not interesting enough on both accounts to keep me knitting on it. But... I may have found the secret to getting over my scarf block!
1. Noro.
2. A 'not garter' yet all Knit stitch pattern!

I have a funky old knitting dictionary (1963) with some interesting yet sometimes undecipherable stitches in it. I had resisted trying the "K1B" patterns for no other reason than I wasn't really sure how one properly does a "K1B" and their lame ass description just said you "Knit one through loop below next stitch" WTF?!? Well I finally tackle it, it IS really a "Knit one into the stitch below the next stitch".

So it was a small step from there to the 'Contrary Brioche Stitch" and this....

2 balls, same color Noro silk garden lite (my first noro...) worked alternating balls every 4 rows.
Nuf said. I WILL be making this scarf again. Full pattern to come soon.


Theresa said...

Noro is very evil. The scarf looks very pretty - you do have to post the pattern when you're done.

Laura said...

oooo, very pretty. i take it you are out of stealth knitting mode?

Trina said...

I taught my last calculus class on friday!