Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Somewhere there is a picture...

I didn't want to post until I had a picture.
So I took one.
Then the battery on the camera died.
Then I proceeded to not replace the battery.
So here is a picture-less post.
The picture was of all the yarn I bought when K's car needed a new transmission. Now, it wouldn't normally be that a dead car = yarn but somehow thats what ended up happening. I took K to work and then met up with Ms. Loopy (who I met at the yarnharlot signing in June...) and proceeded to do an impromptu 5 shop yarn crawl of the peninsula. Granted, all I bought was sock yarn, but it was definitely a case of fumes twisting my perception of reality... actually I think it was bamboo fumes, not wool fumes this time. I will post the picture as soon as I get off my lazy summer ass and replace the batteries in the camera.

Other than that my knitting hasn't been doing much. I got a little discouraged after the mystery stole, which I was feeling so happy about, turned out to be an asymmetrical pattern. I can't deal with that. Its hard enough to find an occasion to wear a stole, but to wear an asymmetrical one? Nope. No can do. So I'm waiting for an acceptable symmetrical alternative to crop up, or I'll just figure it out myself. Or I just have a really nice pointy doily. Bleah.

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Laura said...

asymmetrical?? my mathematical mind just can't handle that. :-(