Friday, August 29, 2008

I'm such a fink....

I know... I said I'd post... I lied. Oh well...

On to current things. I traveled a whole lot in August, here are some highlights:

The home brewed beer in Utica, NY.

There were also 6 tapped kegs. I came home and recovered for a week before heading out to Colorado on the train.

The scenery was very scenic and I didn't sleep too badly. I came home long enough to get my classroom ready then went to Grass Valley for a driving clinic with Oliver. I was too busy driving to get many pictures but this is Oliver before our last drive where we did a driven dressage test and he rocked!

I somehow haven't done a whole lot of knitting. I started a baby blanket and then left it at school over this long weekend. The baby shower is next weekend. I'm gonna have to knit like crazy next week!
I think I'm going to start a sweater for the baby's older sister. So I'm off to hunt down a pattern....

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