Wednesday, September 5, 2007

I finished my homework.

Strange day. I taught two algebra 2 classes back to back, which is an awesome schedule, it went well, didn't loose anyone (I don't think, but I always talk/teach on the fast side) then left my Algebra 1 to a substitute so I could go to a dentist appointment (with K too!). I brought home the Algebra 2 homework which was to write a 2 page "Math-ography" I read 70 of them tonight, then did 30 problems of calculus homework (the assignment the students will get tomorrow). I'm tired, and I really hope my Algebra 1 class didn't abuse the sub.

The strangest part of this calculus thing is the feeling that I'm back in high school, not when I'm at school, but when I'm at home working on planning or homework. K and I started dating when I was a senior in high school (taking Calculus). So, "Go AWAY, I'm doing my Calculus homework!" Is really a flashback phrase for us 12 years later. Granted, the big difference is that I get to drink beer while I do my homework, and I don't have to be home by 10pm...

In minor knitting news: I got half a baby hat done while getting my teeth cleaned (K2P2 is harder to do w/o looking than just plain knit, I would have finished if it was just knit...)

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