Friday, July 13, 2007

Lacing Up

I've made some good progress on the Mystery Stole. I'm about a week behind the pace, not that I'm competitive or anything... but I'm on row 102. I'll take a picture this weekend when I have more done. I think I made one little mess up, but it doesn't bug me, and if anyone is looking that closely at my lace then they are looking WAY too hard.

Side note to Liz: It is a stole not a shawl, it will be like and extra wide scarf. Cool huh! I was thrown by the pointy beginnings but it has stopped getting bigger and the sides will be straight (at least for the next 120 rows of pattern that have been released)

K and I are off to Sonora for the weekend. I'm going to try to get lots of knitting done.

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